The Wet Market, an Amazing Adventure

The Wet Market, an Amazing Adventure


A unique feature of most Asian countries is the tradition of the wet market. A Chinese wet market refers to any type of open-air market where vendors sell all their goods from open stalls, pushcarts and stores. The markets are washed down with water regularly, hence the name. It has long been a part of daily life for local people to obtain groceries at a wet market, discovering amazing ingredients to cook the quintessential Chinese meal. 


The wet market brings an ultra fresh element to whatever you decide to cook in terms of freshness, flavor and color. Within the wet markets, you can choose from many types of groceries, including a huge selection of vegetables, fresh-off-the-boat seafood and freshly cut poultry as well as dried goods and condiments such as rice, noodles, pastes and oil. You will never know what you might find during a magical stroll through the adventure of a wet market.


The markets are always buzzing with merchants calling out to entice passersby to shop at their stall, and you will be impressed how the owners of the stalls have their goods laid out in such an orderly fashion. Shoppers wander around, planning the day’s menu after seeing what meats and vegetables are available. Overall, it is an amazing spot with a strong local flavor. 


Although supermarkets are attracting an increasing number of younger shoppers by offering more convenience and higher standards of hygiene, wet markets are still considered by many homemakers as the first choice for daily necessities. Groceries offered at wet markets are much cheaper and fresher with large selections of local ethnic foodstuffs that are difficult to obtain in any local or international supermarket chains.


The existence of the wet market can also be regarded as a community filled with warmth and humanity. Most of the shopkeepers are acquainted with nearby residents, maintaining a neighborly relationship with customers. They chat with the shoppers, exchanging the news and gossip with them. A supermarket staff will never know your name, but a wet market vendor will.